: Phineas Gage

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July 4, 2012


Neurologists usually deal with brains of trauma patients after they have been removed.  They get to poke and prod the corpse as much as they want.  But Phineas Gage was evidence of how little a brain we actually need to still be considered human.  Mr. Gage had a living, non-surgical and accidental lobotomy, and lived to tell the tale....for cash.

Host:  Torah Kachur

Photo credits: Wikipedia Users:  BodyParts3D, Kelley DJ, Jeremy Muhlich, SatyrTN, Dejan Cabrilo, Jack and Beverly Wilgus, Andromorfo.  Flikr Users:   Sean MacEntee, tsaiproject.  Youtube Users:  buzzology1990, Stockshot, tagolino, possible265.



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