Yummy Mommy

May 12, 2013

Torah Kachur

Mom’s sacrifice a lot for their kids like sleepless nights and hours spent at the rink.  And today we celebrate their sacrifices by buying them flowers, chocolate and cheesy cards.



For black lace weaver spider mothers they sacrifice a bit more than sleep, they pay with their lives.  The spider is common to European woodlands practices something called matriphagy where the hundreds of young she produces feed off their mom right after they hatch.  For the black lace weaver spider their idea of celebrating mom is to consume her completely.


She even encourages this by drumming her feet and jumping around signalling to her young that it’s time to feed and get a head start in life.  Thankfully, we can stick with flowers and leave cannibalism to the spiders.  The benefits are obvious: no one to nag you as a teenager and also a nice nutritious meal just when you have to go off into the wilderness.


Take a look at little baby spiders chowing on mom here


For this Mother's Day, I will celebrate my dearest mommy by not eating her.....



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