Your House will be Smarter than You

April 10, 2012

Brit Trogen


Smart homes are one of the things I'm most excited about. It struck me the other day, as I lay in the bright sunlight of spring morning... at 6am.


Wouldn't it be great (thought I) if I could invent a set of black-out blinds that would automatically lower at night and rise every morning only 20 minutes before my alarm is set to go off? If only I were a master of robotics!


Turns out, someone's already invented those. And a whole ton of other things, too.


The future of homes are all about smart technology. Wired has been updating some of the newest trends in smart homes for years now; imagine kitchen counters that automatically charge any electronic you place on them. A gym that automatically tracks your daily workouts, and (sneakily) measures your weight, uploading records online. Not only have these ideas been concieved, but they've been built into model homes to give them a real-world try-out.


Smart homes are eco-friendly, too. Kitchen gardens, air purifiers and low-energy appliances are heavily integrated throughout. There's even a self-driving, solar powered lawnmower to automatically tend to your yard, and a snow-shoveler to handle your sidewalks!


This may seem unimaginably far away, but in fact it may be closer than you'd think. Apple's iPanel, should it actually exist, would be a major first step in this direction; a smart TV that could function as the control hub for every other electronic in your home. Want your fridge to order your groceries for you? Your tea kettle to brew you a cup in the evening? There's (going to be) an app for that.


In the meantime I'll just have to order my groceries over the internet like every other schmoe. *Sigh*



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