Woolly Mammoth

May 5, 2008

Torah Kachur



Cloning animals has become so commonplace that people are cloning their pets, a crazy Raelian cult pretended to clone a human and everyone is lined up to cryopreserve themselves just in case cloning becomes accepted in the future.


Cloning humans might be pushing the ethical boundaries a bit too far, but what about cloning your dog? Or your favorite hamster?  Or a woolly mammoth?  The question isn’t why, it’s why not.


I know what you are thinking…sorry to burst your wildest fantasy, but Jurassic Park isn’t possible, the dinosaur DNA is just too old and has long been degraded.  You are not getting that Triceratops for your birthday.  But a Woolly Mammoth to ride to work might just be enough to soothe your disappointment.



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