What if.....

September 17, 2012

Torah Kachur

Sometimes I get disillusioned by my environmental efforts, sure I can walk to work, have a small car and recycle everything possible...but does it matter?  Does my tiny beer can really make a difference in the grand scheme of things? 


I was sitting staring at my laundry hamper one day last week and looked at my non-phosphate free, plain old Earth destroying detergent and started to feel that it wasn't worth going with the eco-conscious one next time around.


And then I thought 'what if'?


What if everyone did it?  What if everyone walked or biked to work?  What if everyone recycled?  What if Big Business decided the environment was important and reduced fertilizer use around watersheds, monitored chemical leaching and actually did something about it?  Would the be enough?


Sadly, the damage may have already been done.  The Great Pacific Garbage Patch isn't going anywhere without massive intervention, China relases 6,018 million tonnes of greenhouse gases every year with no signs of caring, and the US is peppered with locations of nuclear waste.  We know the sad stories - polar ice caps are melting, nuclear waste is accumulating, clean water is nearly impossible to find in the developing world...and the list goes on and on and on until my heart just wants to weep.


pollution science in seconds


But there is this glimmer of hope.  The 'what if' that I speak of.  We won't know until we try, and more importantly, it can't hurt.


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