Vaccine for Kitteh!

April 6, 2011

Brit Trogen

When you think of the most important vaccine that could ever be developed, a few probably come to mind. A vaccine to protect the world from HIV, perhaps, or malaria. But one particular group of researchers from McMaster University has opted out of researching those devastating illnesses, to focus on one that brings a different kind of suffering: cat allergies.



In a recently published study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, a research team led by Mark Larche has revealed that they have successfully developed a shot that can safely reduce allergic reactions to nature's cuddliest creature. The vaccine consists of synthetic versions of the peptides most often involved in inflammatory immune responses, which are recognized by your immune cells and later prevent the sniffling and sneezing that would normally be triggered by exposure to cats.


Up until now the only way to get over a cat allergy was by multiple exposures to cat allergens, by injection or failure to give up the kitty, which only the most hardcore of cat-lovers would endure as it could take years. But with a quick and easy vaccine in the works... I think it's time for dogs to watch their backs. We all know you're the fall-back pet.


Only about 10% of the population suffers from this dreadful allergy (including, presumably Torah Kachur), but with the help of a vaccine it seems at least possible that they'll one day be able to see through their burning, itchy eyes to the wondrous, purring nirvana they've been missing out on. 


And for us intelligent folk who already see the joys of feline companionship, it's time to invest early on the new trend. Are there lint brushes on the NASDAQ?



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