Universal Beauty

May 7, 2012

Torah Kachur

Beauty is supposed to be in the eye of the beholder.  Everyone is supposed to find someone that finds them beautiful, even if it is just inner beauty.


The human defined formula for beauty is well characterized - symmetrical face, eyes not to far apart and not too close (about 1/3 of the face), balance of feature size between forehead, nose and chin.  And the person with the 'perfect' face has been found....Florence Colgate is undoubtably a beautiful girl and she fits the scientific definition of proportions and beauty.



But that got me thinking, is beauty a characteristic that goes beyond just humans and Kardashians?


Beautiful creatures live in our midst - they populate our skies, our land and our oceans.  Somethings can be claimed to be universally beautiful like the nudibranch sea creatures shown below.  The colors, the proportions and the sheer opulence of their coloring screams beauty more than some makeup and a blowdrier could ever do to me.



The nudibranch types of sea worms likely have different reasons for their beauty - it could be to attract mates in some cases, to blend in with their coral reef surroundings in others...or to stick out and mimic poisonous things.  So beauty could be an attractant, a disguise or a way to be left alone, all depending on your desires.  In other words, beautiful girls are awesome - they are poisonous and leave more men for me.


Beauty must be seen, it is not felt with the heart or any other poetic BS.  To be seen you need eyes, and if other organisms that aren't as smart as us couldn't possibly appreciate beauty than blind organisms and seeing organisms should have all the same level of beauty.  Blind organisms should be universally ugly.


And they are, take the angler fish as an example.  A species of fish that lives at the bottom of the ocean where no light can possibly ever penetrate.  When the lights are out, doesn't matter what you look like.


Trust me.



Perhaps beauty is universal to all seeing organisms.  And perhaps there is a formula for something to be called beauty.  Maybe, as usual, humans aren't as special as we think we are.




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