Triceratops Tootsie Pop

November 1, 2012

Eva Gusnowski

How many yanks does it take on a Triceratops frill to get the the juicy center of neck muscle?  Tyrannosaurus rex probably only took a few.

Recent evidence has looked at bite patterns on Triceratops skeletons to figure out just how the T. rex went about feeding on these horned beasts.  Bite marks on the back of the occiput could only be present if the Triceratops skull was pulled off from the head.  Post-death bite marks (those that showed no signs of healing) demonstrated that T. rex may have used the frill as a mechanism to help decapitate the Triceratops so as to get to the nutrient rich neck muscles.  

It probably went something like this:


how to eat a triceratops

Step one: get a good grip on the neck frill.

how to eat a triceratops

Step two: tear the head off to expose the tasty neck muscles.

How to eat a triceratops

Step three: nibble on the soft flesh of Triceratops' face.

how to eat a triceratops

Step four: feast on the delicacies beneath the frill.

Maybe JT & Lonely Island will write a song about the steps to eating a Triceratops, since they've done so well listing the steps required to make thoughtful homemade Christmas gifts.

Images from Matt Kaplan's article: "How to Eat a Triceratops" (Nature 2012)



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