To Beard or Not To Beard

July 18, 2013

Eva Gusnowski

How much stubble is too much? Should you fly past the 5 o’clock shadow or carry around one of those nifty credit card razors? And then the ultimate question: how much stubble makes the ladies go wild?


                                                    Dixson and Brooks, 2013

A study published this year analyzed the attractiveness of varying levels of male facial hair, from clean-shaven to light stubble, to heavy stubble, to fully bearded. The general attractiveness was also joined by other categories, including parenting skills, masculinity and health. Although quite a few of the ratings were found to be similar between the various levels of facial hair, some statistically significant results were found.


                                                      Dixson and Brooks, 2013

Not surprising, men that were heavily bearded were seen as the most masculine by women. Women also rated them to have the best parenting skills and to appear the healthiest. The gold mine of this study to the general public is, of course, the level of attractiveness of each facial hair category. Heavy stubble (10 days worth) was found to be the most attractive. The least attractive category was light stubble (5 days worth). And I would have to say that I agree on both a scientific and personal level.

So gentlemen, if you’re looking for a pick-up, ditch the razor.  Its time to let your inner Grizzly Adams shine...up to 10 days, of course.



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