The Otter Love

February 6, 2013

Jessie Burgess

What is the cutest thing you can think of?

You’re wrong. Unless you were thinking about sea otters, you’re wrong. And I’ll tell you why. Sea otters, with their somewhat checkered history, are the cutest things to sweep the internet with their cuteness.

If cuteness were a drug, they would be the best kind and you’d overdose.

Sea otters, in their cuteness, hold hands when they’re sleeping so they don’t float away from each other. You just died a little from the cuteness didn’t you?


sea otters holding hands science in seconds jessie burgess

Just think of when you first held someone’s hand. It was probably junior high and you were a pimply teenager with a big crush on whomever, and then you decided that one day you liked each other enough to go steady, and you did it. No, not that, it, you held hands.  And when their sweaty palm enveloped yours your heart skipped a beat and you knew that they were the one.

And then you broke up, because it’s junior high. But you remember the magic of holding hands. If you don’t, the sea otters do.

Yep, so cute I’m gonna die.



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