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March 21, 2011

Torah Kachur

Science can be funny.  I swear, it can.  Science in Seconds is funny....we ARE.  But The Far Side is damn funny.  And in light of all the seriousness in the world today, let's take a wee break and have a chuckle.  Then go back and assume the sky is falling.


Communicating what you are an expert at is tough, I always have trouble trying to explain how I can be so cool.  But communicating science in such a way that it is accurate and funny is a true art.  So this blog today is an Ode to Gary Larson.  For those of you too young or too neglected as a child to know some of the Far Side classics, they are here for you.


First up, a common favorite - anthropology: the science of making up stories around pieces of rock.  

          Science in Seconds Gary Larson Far Side Anthropologists


Gary Larson could joke about dinosaurs, love, phyics and microbiology with an accuracy and humour that still goes unmatched (sorry Bizarro).  And there is nothing funnier than physics.  Seriously, I mean Einstein's hair, string theory, the Big Bang Theory?  Hysterical.


           Science in Seconds Gary Larson Far Side E=MC2 Einstein


We can't forget to make fun of biologists - the funniest of the bunch.  I mean, biologists just stare at things and count pooh.


          Gary Larson Science in Seconds Early Microscope


And finally, a scientific explanation for creationism.  Just that sentence is humourous enough, but Gary Larson takes it to a new level without every crossing the line of insulting, finger pointing or agenda-pushing.   You can learn a bit Glenn Beck.


             Science in Seconds Gary Larson Far Side Creationism Explained


And now it's back to watching Nuclear Meltdowns, Civil Unrest (read - War) and scientifically illiterate newscasters butcher the world 'nuclear'. 


(It's 'NOOclear" NOT "nuCUler".  Like, how hard is that?)


Chris Buzon on March 21, 2011
I <3 Gary Larson.

So much in fact, I am going to re-order some of his books for home. Thanks Torah :)
Dave Pilgrim on March 21, 2011
Back in the day (and yes, even before my time), Gary Larson was the Invited Student Seminar Speaker of the graduate students in Genetics at the University of Washington one year, and by all accounts was the most popular they ever had.

And a plug for which is more math/engineering/GenX funny than biology funny, but nerdy nonetheless.
Michael on April 26, 2011
You forgot to mention the part about the Federal Reserve with the approval of Congress and the President transfering all the wealth away from the average Joe and Jane in America to the Rich fat cats who managed to invest themselves into a super whole in 2008, but you were too busy setting up a jab at Glenn Beck, who incidentally talks about this massive theft by our elected and unelected officals all the time. Gary should make a non-insulting cartoon especially for you, you deserve the fame and award.
Torah Kachur on April 28, 2011
I didn't mention anything about the Federal Reserve because a) I'm Canadian 2) This blog was about Gary Larson and iii) it's a Science website.

I would be honored if Gary Larson would find the time to write a cartoon about us. I would imagine he would poke a jab at "Science Humour" and how sometimes we are so incredibly misunderstood. I'll keep my fingers crossed...please Gary, PLEASE!
Steve B on May 22, 2011
I (UK) reckon its KNEW-KLEE-ARE.
jkarcher on July 27, 2012
I like these Gary Larson cartoons and science humor. Thanks!
Conor O on July 31, 2012
Steve B you're right; but isn't regional variation in pronunciation a gas. How about the Aluminum / Aluminium conundrum? I (IRL) reckon its UN-KLEERE. Or how about the lovely old English films where posh men went around in white coats smoking pipes working in the LAB-UR-TREE. That's Laboratory in modern parlance. These were the type of men Larson loved to parody.
on October 11, 2012

That's la-BOR-a-tree ...

Colin on October 12, 2012
Somebody should get George Bush to watch that old Pa Kettle movie so that he will know how to pronounce nuclear like an educated man; "It ain't new, and it ain't clear!"



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