The Fluoride Conspiracy

January 23, 2012

Torah Kachur

Didn't you know that fluoride, a common additive in drinking water around the world, is a multinational conspiracy designed to create a stupid and controllable populace?


You didn't?


Neither did I, and my bullshit meter hit "raging red" on that one.


There are some people who actually believe this - that adding systemic fluoride in water causes neurodegeneration and cancer...why don't we throw in that it causes war and famine while we are at it.  While the claim that fluoride has a level of carcinogencity have some basis in the scientific literature, a dental researcher found an association between fluoride level exposure from tap water and increased incidence of bone cancer in young boys. However, even in the abstract the paper strongly encourages further studies to support or refute this evidence.  The study did not take into account possible risk factors for osteosarcoma including height, growth rate and known factors that increase likelihood of this type of cancer in addition to exposure to fluoridated water.


Recent reviews including in Monographs in Oral Science and Prague Medical Report evaluate the effectiveness of systemic fluoride and there have been zero results suggesting causation or correlation to anything more severe than dental fluorisis.  WHO has deemed it safe from multicountry monitoring programs and studies, and have been encouraging fluoride use in developing countries such as in Asia and India. 



Excess fluoride is known to cause dental fluorosis, which is a disturbance in tooth enamel when children are exposed to higher than acceptable levels during tooth development.  The levels of exposure that cause dental fluorosis are generally known to be more than 1.5ppm and can cause a solely cosmetic white stripes in teeth.  However, this is almost three times higher than the average levels of fluoridation in most districts.


Chronic exposure to higher than acceptable fluoride levels (above 4ppm) is toxic and has been shown to lead to skeletal deformaties and bone demineralization.  These patients almost always live around water sources that have higher than normal fluoride levels due to geological activity and not due to excessive intake from drinking water.  However, fluoride is rapidly cleared from the body and has no detectable storage in fatty tissue that would account for a high toxic dose eliciting an effect over a long period of time. 


Adding fluoride into water at the 0.5ppm that is recommended is safe and has been shown to be safe for over 40 years.  Pretty much everything has a toxic dose, caffeine is lethal if over 15 grams are injested which corresponds to 100 cups of coffee within a limited time frame.  Drinking too much water (fluoride-free...of course) is lethal, as a recent LA radio station game contestant recently found out.  Toxicity for calcium, potassium, chlorine, salt have all been measured and reported - that has not stopped us from ingesting these valuable and important nutrients.


We are bombarded by real threats in our society of overconsumption, overprocessing and overpopulation - things like BPA exposure, cholera epidemics and nitrates in processed food.  Let's focus on curbing consumption and exposure to real threats and not waste our time on something that has been shown, over decades, to be a safe and effective way to prevent dental caries.



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