Survival of the Clickest

February 16, 2012

Eva Gusnowski

Darwin is one of our favorite scientists. And he must’ve been a pretty patient guy to watch so many birds for such a long time. But now you (yes, YOU!) can be just like Darwin.


discovery, darwin's evolution game, science in seconds, eva'

The “Darwin Evolution Game” on Discovery's website lets you select a set of closely related species of…something…and see if your set or organisms can survive the elements and environmental changes that occur over a million years. This game takes into account the diversity of your chosen population and the process of natural selection.

So now you just have to ask yourself one question…can you click your way to survival?

FYI: I survived on my first try. I guess that’s what 2 genetics degrees will get you. That and nothing else.


discovery, darwin's evolution game, science in seconds

Eva ftw….F. T. W.



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