Spring Has Sprung

March 23, 2013

Torah Kachur

It is apparently spring, except the 25 centimeters of snow that fell this week over in my end of the world begs to differ.  But, spring is supposedly bringing flowers, allergies, butterflies and all that fun stuff.   And it's also a time that a lot of species get pretty darn ornery because it's newborn time - newborn plants to newborn bats are popping out everywhere.


The big brown bat, yes, there is actually something called the big brown bat, is a hibernating bat that will come out as soon as it is ready to give birth.  When that actually happens determines the sex of the babies.  Baby bats (cue the awwwwwww) that were born early in the season resulted in more baby girls than baby boy bats.  Researchers think this is to increase the chance of the older and wiser bats the next spring being more likely to reproduce in their first year.



The idea that organisms can change their sex-ratios according to seasons isn't that new, it does not happen in humans however, so hopefully all those female-ciding cultures around the world won't get any ideas from this wee ol' blog.  Girls are awesome, bat girls are even awesomer. 



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