"Settling" the Climate Debate Nonsense

April 18, 2012

Torah Kachur

The evidence is irrefutable, unequivocable and undeniable.




Climate change is a result of human activities:  burning fossil fuels, deforestation, livestock farts, it all adds up and we are killing the host that feeds us. 


We are supposed to be symbionts on Earth - we are supposed to all provide some mutual benefit.  Like the one we have with plants where they provide oxygen and we eat them.  Or the one we have with animals where we rear them in unspeakable conditions and then we eat them.  Or the one we have with the ocean where we dump all of our shit into it and then expect it to provide the same heat sink and untapped resource we have come to expect.



None of those are symbiotic relationships - we have lost our symbiotic mojo somewhere.  Nature is still in harmony in a lot of ways, take the greenhouse gas demons the cow farts, the methane producing bacteria get a nice consistent food source and the cow gets someone to digest the cellulose living right inside their gut.


We are not above nature, we are a part of it.  Climate change is happening, there is no use denying it or talking about 'monitoring the debate'.  It is real, it is here and something needs to be done.  To our fearless world leaders - you can negotiate the language of the documents all you want....Mother Nature ain't listening.


It may be too late to do something about it, but what could possibly be the cost of trying?



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