Season 2 Starts Next Week!

October 21, 2011

Rheanna Sand


Even our most loyal fans might not know this, but on Saturday, July 18th, 2009, Science in Seconds was officially brought into the world. Back then, we were an adorable little blogspot blog with a precocious Terminator-meets-Back-to-the-Future logo put together by none other than Dr. Torah Kachur herself.

We were just cutting our teeth with blogs like "Gonad is Not a Dirty Word," "Hubble-licious," and "You Smell Like Death," when before we knew it, we had a brand new shiny website to call our own. Our friends at Monolith Digital and Perpetual Notion had brought the vision to life, and in March 2010 we launched and our very own video series.

Since then, we've gathered a wonderful group of followers, supporters, fans, and friends who have been patiently watching re-runs for too long. But now, we're happy to announce that the wait for new videos is over! Starting next Wednesday, we'll be releasing fresh videos weekly, helping you through those mid-week blahs with wit, charm, and best of all, brevity. Because we know you're busy. Or easily distracted. Look, birds!

HEY - PAY ATTENTION - there's more! Not only do we have new videos, but a brand new blogger! We're not going to tell you who it is just yet, but I can tell you that this scientist pulls off a mean Spider-Man.



So, stay tuned, tell your friends, follow us, and Know... Everything. Or at least, the most quirky science news you can cram into your skull in two minutes or less.



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