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September 7, 2011

Brit Trogen


It's being called a "life-sized petri dish;" the world's first smart-city; Mecca for the science-inclined... and no one will ever be able to live there.


The CEO of technology firm Pegasus Global has recently announced plans for a $200 million futuristic city to be built over 20-square miles in New Mexico, and (to the great chagrin of every nerd on the planet), revealed that while research of almost every variety will be conducted there, it will essentially be a "ghost town" with no residents. 


This psuedo city, dubbed The Center, will incorporate every innovation in renewable, green energy, wireless technology, and smarter traffic systems, and will have the capability to house up to 350,000. But if this sounds to good to be true, it kind of is. The Center will be kept totally empty. The main idea is that companies interested in developing new technologies in these fields will have a playground in which to test them out on a large scale - something that's currently been lacking for many theoretically awesome ideas (vertical farms, anyone?) And obviously they don't want any dirty humans messing up their nice clean experiments.


The project will be expected to employ about 3000 people to get off the ground, and there are no solid details about just how long that will be expected to take. But when it does, I think it's at least safe to say CERN will be getting a run for its money as coolest science field trip for grown-ups. I mean, they have to at least build a specialty hotel where you can "spend a night in the future." Of course, the other option would be to just sneak in and live there without permission, build a few hover cars and live like it's 2099. So... who's in?



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