Science Fools

April 4, 2013

Eva Gusnowski

What do you get when you use science for evil? Suspended. That’s what.

April Fools’ Day is a longstanding tradition. Saran-potties, onion-sabotaged caramel apples, staplers suspended in jello…its supposed to all be in the name of good “fun.” And this past Monday a group of DJs in Florida thought that they would try and pull one over on their broadcast audience. The radio pair announced that somehow dihydrogen monoxide molecules had somehow made it into the water system.

Now, the chemistry-savvy among you might recognize that dihydrogen monoxide is, in fact, simply water (H2O). So the DJs weren’t technically wrong in saying this on the air. But the listeners to this program were not in the rational mindset, and panic set in among the Floridians, worried about the dangerous molecules that were coming out of the taps. There are even reports that felony charges might be placed against the DJs for calling in a false water quality issue. Even though they were only being scientifically correct.

Science: use with caution.




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