August 8, 2011

Torah Kachur

What better than watching your favorite actor kick butt or kiss butt on screen than to smell their odor while doing it?  Sweaty Brad Pitt with gross fake smoke smell.  Halitosis Megan Fox with a hint of cigarette.  Smell-o-Vision will be next new wave coming to a theatre near you.




This isn't a new idea - as early as 1906 film pioneers were experimenting with adding smell to the movie-going experience, at one point even using Scratch-and-Sniff cards to correspond to more odorific scenes.  But now, new developments by Samsung have made the idea of smelling that MasterChef final dish a closer reality.


Samsung has developed the device that would allow your boob-tube to emit over 10,000 different smells.  Various devices that have come previously have been too diffuse to have an impact, too loud to be useable or too cumbersome for any practical application.  Samsung has now developed a device that can mix and match different scents together using an X-Y matrix system and then electrical wires set to release different combinations of odors to emit that delicious aroma of the pizza commercial that is tempting you from afar.


There are companies that see this Scent-O-Vision as the next new thing to hit the market - Scentcom is banking on everything having odor-emission capabilities, even mobile devices.  Just what we need, kids on the bus with cell phones each with their own 'aroma' wafting from their cell phones - as if their liberal application of Axe wasn't offensive enough.


Just how much does our sense of smell control our experience?  Humans tend to think that our sense of sight and our rational thought dominates our sense of reality and we usually try to cover up any natural scents by air fresheners, deodorants and perfumes.  But our sense of smell can dominate everything from our experience of eating a flavorless cookie made to taste good through a virtual reality machine to the most primal pheromones that tells us the sexiness of a potential partner. 


The first application that I want to see this in - Old Spice commercials.  The time when I realize this is the worst invention ever?  When they install it with porn.



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