August 20, 2012

Torah Kachur


Since Curiousity has unabashedly stolen the science news spotlight this week I'm going to assume that the majority of  you did you happen to click on headlines that screamed "Man survives 6ft pole through brain".


I have not been reading National Enquirer, I have been reading the Associated Press.  A 24 year old Brazilian man named Eduardo Leito was gainfully employed as a construction worker when Zeus appeared to strike him down from the heavens.  A 6 foot pole fell off a 5 story building and rammed through the useless hard hat Eduardo was wearing and passed through his skull and out between his eyeballs.


It stayed there.


Sticking between his eyes.


Except, he was fully conscious and functional when he was picked up by emergency crews despite being covered in blood.  He even said he didn't feel much pain.  This was not, in fact, due to shock that exists to save us from the worst moments in our lives.  He really didn't feel pain, and he was doing pretty okay.


The brain does not have pain receptors, the skull does but after that your brain is quite senseless, which is why surgeons can operate on brain patients while they are awake.  And the metal rod passed through his brain in such a way as to severely damage it without actually affecting any regions important for motor skills, learning, memory, breathing and all that jazz that the brain can do.


In fact, five hours of surgery later and Eduardo is recovering in hospital with no apparent side effects and doctors expect a full recovery.  The guy survived a pole through the brain!!!  Holy shit!



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