Otter Penises

March 4, 2013

Torah Kachur

Otters are one of the cutest, most cuddly, most adorable creatures on the planet.  They hold hands!  They are fluffy!  *swoon

They also have shrinking penises and that's a problem.



Otter penis bones, also called the baculum (penis bone sounds way funnier), are losing weight and researchers are also seeing increased rates of undescended testicles and cysts in sperm carrying tubes.  This is a big problem, not just if you are an otter fan and love to think of their penises.


The shrinking members are likely due to chemicals in our waterways that disrupt sex hormones, called endocrine disrupters.  BPA, bisphenol A, is one of these and there are many.  Sources include everything from leaching plastic bottle, drugs we take and flush into our sewage systems to dust from industrial pollution.


These endocrine disrupters also may contribute to obesity, diabetes, early puberty, feminization of males and masculinization of females in humans - maybe we can inspire people to action if we start messing with dick size.  That'll make us change....The otter acts as a bit of a sentinel species, we have a sore spot for them because they are so freaking gorgeous and people are more likely to demand change for otter penises than for frog eggs or something not fluffy and squishy and lovely.



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