September 10, 2012

Torah Kachur

I'm a PCer.  I don't care if that means people conjure up visions of me wearing tweed, sitting on a rocking chair and thinking I see dinosaurs.  I like PCs, they are cheaper, more powerful and repairable. 


Mac people are supposed to be such cool little sheep.  With their Apple stickers and hipster glasses.  That's what we are supposed to think, thanks mostly to a clever ad campaign.  But the truth is - Apple controls every second of your interaction with your computer - how your organize, sort and use your data.  But it's YOUR data, pictures you generated that you own, which means you should be able to organize them however you damn well please.  Not just by using Mac-certified software.  Now, before people attack me for being just inexperienced in a Mac, I've used one, I own one and I hate them. 



But now, Apple has taken their control-freak, megalomaniacal company to a whole new level.  The new MacBook Pro is unfixable.....yes, it is unfixable.  The LCD is fused to the glass, meaning a single crack forces you to (you guessed it) buy an entirely new computer.  The RAM is un-upgradeable meaning that if you want more memory you have to (you guessed it) buy an entirely new computer.  The battery is glued to the casing meaning that when you need to get a new battery you have to take it to an Apple specialist for a whopping $200 labour fee.  It's a cash grab, end of story.


So you go ahead and be a victim of the consumerist cult known as Apple.  Me and my PC will happily live on for years longer with pimped out upgrades, new batteries and a dashingly ugly interface...that works for me.  Plus, I get to manage my data however I see fit.


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