Left Brain, Right Brain

December 6, 2011

Brit Trogen

The myth: that the right half of our brains are devoted to reason, and the left to emotions. It's a misconception that's proved nearly impossible to overturn, what with the constant claims from pop culture and our moms of: "You like science? Oooh, you must be a right brain!" 



Luckily, psychiatrist Ian McGilchrist and RSAnimate have joined forces to produce a fascinating (and well-drawn) explanation of the truth about divided brains. Among the questions answered in this video: What is the real function of the corpus collosum? How is a bird brain like a human brain? Why are left-handers inherently weird? And which hemisphere has doomed us to a life of unhappiness?


Watch to find out!







Did you watch? No? Well, here's a tiny hint: "The right hemisphere gives sustained, broad, open vigilance, alertness... where the left hemisphere gives narrow, sharply-focused attention to detail." But you'll have to just watch to hear more about those weirdo left-handers...



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