Hot New Hominid

June 30, 2008

Rheanna Sand



Note: Adult language


Its always a struggle to stay on top, to be the hottest, freshest face on the block. Especially if you are a famous prehistoric human ancestor named Lucy. For Australopithecus afarensis ladies, its a jungle out there.

As if on cue, in October of 2009, "Ardi" burst onto the anthropology scene, making the cover of Science in her debut. She's the most ancient human ancestor discovered to date, and the hottest thing to hit anthropology since, well, Lucy.

Who is Ardipithecus ramidus? How does she compare to Lucy? And how has she forever changed the way we think about human evolution?

Host: Rheanna Sand

Photo credits:
Wikimedia users 120, Andrew, 1997, and Kabir
J.H. Matternes




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