Happy Tau Day

June 28, 2012

Torah Kachur

Happy Tau Day!


tau pwns pi


Pi has a special place in our hearts, mostly because we had to memorize it over and over again in awful geometry class and because it sounds yummy.  But there is a usurper in the midst, it's a number that makes a day that falls right in the middle of the summer - a way better time to celebrate than dreary March, and it also is mathematically more useful.


Tau, or 6.283185... is 2 times pi, which means we can justify twice as many pies today!  It is also a numerical constant that exists in all types of complex mathematical equations. But is usually represented as 2 times pi.....gasp!  You mean pi isn't really a constant but half of a more important number!


Just look at the following equations, see something fishy?


Yup - the number 2 keeps showing up.  It's always two times pi, not just pi.  So in fact, tau is a more constant constant.

Today we celebrate tau, the heir to the throne of piedom.  Not sure what we can eat to celebrate but maybe double-layered pies?



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