Happy Birthday to MEEEEeeee

March 6, 2013

Jessie Burgess

It's my birthday and I decided to celebrate by coming up with how we all spent the last year. 

1. In one year, along the Earth’s nearly circular orbit, you will travel approximately 9.42x108 km. (Take an average radius of orbit of 150 million kilometers)

2. You will experience 365.25 days. The extra 0.25 accounting for the extra day in a leap year every four years. Which is also where we get the leap year babies who defy our statistics about having more birthdays means living longer. Darn that Caesar.

3. An average of 491 movies will be released.

4. You will spend an average of 2373 hours sleeping, 365 hours in traffic, 85 hours sitting at red lights, and 1200 hours eating. Hopefully none of these time increments overlap, because then you’d probably be spending a lot of time on other things. Like rehab.

5. Assuming you have an average heart rate, and to account for periods of exertion and rest, your heart will beat about 42 million times.

With your birthday you becoming another year older (or you lie), you get a little bit smarter (hopefully) and you grow a little bit. You learn, you live, and eventually you’ll make it to the next birthday where you get to do it all over again.

Also, on this day 26 years ago, Lethal Weapon was released to theaters. Which actually makes me pretty happy because I was born that day.

Now it’s too bad I don’t like cake.



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