Gravity Sucks

May 13, 2011

Rheanna Sand

Well, it's been quite the week! Being the avid Ss blog reader that you are, you probably noticed that I didn't write one last Friday. You know it's crazy when I can't even indulge in my favourite online distraction.

So, the reason wasn't Bin Laden death fever - actually, I was dealing with something called "high-rise syndrome." Not me… my kitten! Llewellyn is his name (what? it's Scottish) and he plummeted almost 6 storeys down to the pavement... AND LIVED. With a busted right hind leg and some broken wrist bones in his right front paw, and a fissure in the roof of his mouth, mind you. He required surgery on the back leg, which now has a pin holding his little bones together. They couldn't do anything about the wrist except a cool splint.


So, apparently cats fall from balconies so often that they have given it the name "high-rise syndrome." It makes sense - they are naturally attracted to high places, and have really only dealt with trees during their evolution. And not all cats are graceful!

A 1987 study of the phenomenon had a surprising result: as balcony height increased past 6 storeys, a cat was more likely to survive. The explanation was that the cats had more time to orient their bodies to increase drag and slow their descent, like a parachute. However, another study from Croatia showed that animals who fell from more than 7 storeys showed the most severe injuries.

Bottom line? There is no safe distance for a beloved pet to fall from. A bad kitty, well that's another story…

Kidding of course!


p.s. Happy Friday the 13th! Unless you have triskaidekaphobia, in which case, RUN AND HIDE!



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