Generic Drugs Rant

June 22, 2008

Rheanna Sand

News this week that the Obama administration plans to attack the issue of generic drugs is causing Big Pharma to, well, FREAK OUT (or should I say, PHREAK OUT? *snicker*). Under the 2012 budget blueprint, controversial out-of-court settlements that drive smaller companies away from legal challenges would cease, and the waiting time for generic drugs to enter the market would be reduced from 12 to seven years.

If this all sounds confusing, or intriguing, or you want to learn more about generic drugs and how inaction by pharmaceutical companies can actually save lives, watch this video.

Host: Rheanna Sand

Photo Credits: Wikimedia users LadyofProcrastination, Luis Perez, Mattes, Revisorweb, and Shorelander; New York Times, New Scientist




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