Geek-tastic Costumes

October 29, 2012

Torah Kachur

Halloween is quickly approaching and it's time to  bust out our nerdiest of nerdy costumes and show the world that Halloween isn't about being slutty, it's about being geeky.  After all, it's only us nerds who dress up for movie openings or book launches so this is our day!  Geeks shall rule Halloween from now on with these fine and fabulous costume ideas.


1.  Gregor Mendel - Father of Modern Genetics. Lover of Peas

Costume Breakdown:  Cheap monk's costume from your nearby Halloween store.  Peas from grocery store.  String peas together as a necklace and wear instead of a cross

         Mendel Costume


2.  Schrodinger's Cat


Feeling the need to dress like a skank?  Combine the best of both worlds at Halloween and dress like a sexy kitten, but this time be Schrodinger's sexy kitten.


          Schrodingers cat costume



3. Human Chromosome


Looking for something microscopic?  How about go as a chromosome.  It's simple - wear a full body black leotard (because we all have one of those) and strap on pool noodles joined at the center.  Voila!  You are sister chromatids


          Chromosome costume



4.  The God Particle


Take a Greek god, or goddess, costume (sexyness-factor up to you), throw on a hard hat labelled with CERN and lo-and-behold you are the God particle.



Have any other geek/nerd/dork Halloween costumes on your roster?



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