June 22, 2008

Rheanna Sand

For as long as humans have worn clothing - and according to recent genetic study on lice, this could be as much as 170 000 years - there has been the problem of… smell. When clothing was fashioned from dead animals, perhaps it wasn't such a big deal, but any woven fabric needs a good scrubbing now and then to keep the wearer healthy, and approachable.

But how is it that we've come so far in our technological advancement that a simple liquid can "eliminate odours" with a few hearty sprays? Aren't Febreze and its counterparts just perfumes marketed as scientific formulations?

Science in Seconds delves into the argument, with surprising results.

Host: Rheanna Sand

Photo Credits: Wikimedia users jlantzy, M. Minderhoud, Matt314, Michiel1972, Claudio Matsuoka, J.smith; PLoS; Johnson & Johnson; Proctor & Gamble.




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