Ev(ol)a E1G5

June 2, 2012

Eva Gusnowski

Whenever a new pandemic arises, people freak out. And understandably so…I mean, if even Gwynyeth Paltrow can die from a virus the rest of us non-famous are definitely not going to get the vaccine, right?

Now, I love Dr. Mario as much as the next Nintendo kid, but a little while ago I was introduced to some new games that you may have heard of: Pandemic and its successor, Pandemic II. These games are exactly what you think they are, except for one thing…YOU are the pandemic. The point of the game is to spread throughout the entire world and then, of course, kill everyone.


pandemic ii, eva gusnowski, science in seconds

                                                              And so it begins...

Seems simple enough, right?

But what you have to do is evolve your chosen weapon, be it a virus, bacteria or parasite, in such a way so as to avoid detection and vaccine development, become resistant, spread easily throughout everywhere in the world before they close their borders, and then finally, kill everyone. Much more difficult than it actually sounds. Especially those tricky little island countries. You never seem to notice them on the map until they’ve already closed their airports and shipyards. Even the Ev(ol)a virus can’t get there, and its pretty rad.


pandemic ii, eva gusnowski, science in seconds

                       I've got you now worl....dammit Cuba! Why are you hiding like that?

The more people you infect and/or kill, the more evolution points you get to spend to gain and get rid of various traits. And yes, you may want to get rid of traits in order to avoid detection. It’s not all about making people hemorrhage everywhere all of the time or else you’ll never make it around the world.  Because you have to choose these traits and choose them wisely over time, this game is actually a great way to learn about evolution and the way that pathogens actually can become pandemics.


pandemic ii, eva gusnowski, science in seconds

                                               Ev(ol)a is on the rise.

It’s kind of like World of Warcraft, only more science and less fantasy. But just as much geek. <3



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