Do you have Bigfoot's DNA?

May 22, 2012

Brit Trogen

Note: Not bigfoot. Man in gorilla suit.


Bigfoot-enthusiasts often complain that they don't get serious treatment from the scientific/rational-thinking community. So it's a lucky thing that Oxford researchers have finally decided to give them a chance to prove themselves. Who's running the cover-up now, Big-lievers?


The project, set to begin in September, is called the Oxford-Laussane Collateral Hominid Project. Lead researcher Bryan Sykes (the same guy who first extracted DNA from ancient human bones) is proposing to genetically test about 20 suspected-yeti cryptozoological samples to determine whether they truly belong to some new, unknown species, or something less exciting... like a boring human or bear.


Admittedly, he doesn't believe they will find proof of Bigfoot, but there is a happy middle ground: while keeping an open mind, the optimal outcome, from his point of view, would be identifying new primate species, or fossils from Neanderthals or other hominids. 


So, can supporters of Barefoot Biggie successfully prove their claims???


If you happen to be in possession of some Bigfoot DNA, now is the time to give it up. The project will begin by soliciting for descriptions and photos of the samples (to avoid a deluge of hair, skin and feces being sent to the lab), and then select the most suitable for testing. The results will even be published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, a landmark in itself, as no cryptozoological research of this kind has ever been suitable for publication. 


And if you still have made up your mind on the matter, perhaps this will be enough to decide it one way or another... We're coming for you, Bigfoot.



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