Dino Death Blow

February 8, 2013

Torah Kachur

I can't figure out what I did yesterday, let alone what happened precisely 66,038,000 million years ago.


But researchers from the UC Berkelely Geochronology Center seem to have a darn good idea, in fact, so accurate a picture that it is precise to within 11,000 years.  That event?  The asteroid impact that slammed into the Earth and caused the last vestiges of dinosaurs to go extinct.


New techniques to measure the dates of debris from the impact that scattered across the planet have revealed a strikingly accurate date.  By looking at rocks and minerals like tektites (not the one eyed Zelda spider thingy) and shocked quartz from Haiti and volcanic dust from Montana as well as other samples - all data agrees that the 110 mile wide crater that now is the Yucutan peninsula overlapped exactly with the last dying breaths of the dinosaurs.



So that's it?  We have solved the dinosaur extinction once and for all?  Not so fast, the dinosaurs were likely already on their last legs with contributions of climate change (foreshadowing anyone) and massive volcanic eruptions already weakened Earth's mightiest beasts. 


There is also this theory that needs to be considered: 



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