Cow Farts

May 11, 2009

Torah Kachur


Cows are pretty harmless animals - they chew their cud, wait to get slaughtered or tipped and generally are inoffensive creatures. 


Until you smell their farts.


Cow farts are one of the most toxic things on the planet, the amount of methane they produce makes the oil industry look like angels.  So why is that people are flocking to their hybrid cars on the way to the steakhouse?  New research is suggesting that the global population has to reduce our meat consumption by up to 40% just to maintain the current state of the environment.  With countries like China increasing their demand for beef at alarming rates and North Americans unwilling to give up their 72 ounce steak-eating contests, our ability to decrease meat consumption seems all but impossible.


That is, until Science in Seconds tells you that you have to.  Put down the hot dog (oh..nevermind, that's not meat).


Host:  Torah Kachur

Photo credits:  All images are from Wikimedia and are copyright free.

Pelletier, N., & Tyedmers, P. (2010). Forecasting potential global environmental costs of livestock production 2000-2050 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1004659107



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