Cord Blood

May 5, 2008

Torah Kachur


The afterbirth, the very name suggests that it is not important and kinda yucky. When in reality, it might be the very thing that keeps your baby alive outside the womb.

Stem cells have been discovered in cord blood. These tiny cellular tool kits may have the capacity to generate tissues and organs in culture for transplant. Embryonic stem cells are still the most ‘potent’ of the stem cells but they…. well, they’re kinda controversial.
The stem cells found in cord blood have the huge advantage of being genetically identical to the baby, something that embryonic stem cells lack. So, if you are pregnant, in addition to painting the nursery, buying diapers and baby-proofing your laundry room – watch this video and look into biobanks.

Host: Torah Kachur

Photo credits:, reuters, Wikimedia User: Acn20, Theleftorium, Biol, Myke2020,



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