June 20, 2008

Rheanna Sand

Coffee is an almost universal human beverage. It's so commonplace, it transcends language. It is essential to those who sacrifice precious morning minutes in long line-ups, or go out of their way to buy only the best fair trade beans, or find the deepest satisfaction in the tiniest of espressos.

The need for coffee, in the end, is driven by caffeine, a pharmaceutical. As with any drug, health concerns arise in cases of abuse. Caffeine pills and energy drinks are a problem (and apparently a murder defense), as is excessive coffee drinking, which is defined as anything over three small cups per day.

But what about moderate consumption? Are there risks to having a manageable addiction to java? Science in Seconds percolates on the subject.

Host: Rheanna Sand

Photo credits: All photos were gathered from Wikimedia Commons and are copyright free.




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