Chocolate Overdose

April 5, 2010

Torah Kachur

If you are anything like me, you just polished off your sixteenth Cadbury Creme Egg and your forty second mini-egg. 


Delicious, fantastic and .... good for you?



Chocolate is one of the new superfoods - along with coffee, green tea, blueberries and other delicious treats known to contain antioxidants.  "Antioxidants" is the new catch-phrase adopted by marketing directors to promote otherwise average foods.  This time, the ad execs got it right, antioxidants are actually very important - they are chemicals that prevent oxidative damage to the cell.  During normal cell metabolism, toxic oxygen species are produced that can damage cell organelles like the powerplants, or mitochondria, as well as the precious DNA.


Chocolate is rich in an antioxidant called flavenoids and is thought to be a stronger antioxidant than EGCG in green tea.  Which means chocolate must be good for us....wicked - mini egg #43.


Its benefits don't end there - The European Heart Journal reported that half a chocolate bar a week can lower blood pressure and result in 39% lowered risk of heart attack and stroke.  Similar studies have shown chocolate may control inflammation and improve flow of blood through the blood vessels. 


But - that was based on half a bar a week - that's like one tiny square a day.  And, the chocolate content should be at least 70% in other words - eating 43 (oops 44) mini eggs does not infact make me indestructable...just fat.


Just a reminder - chocolate is very fattening and, although dark chocolate in moderation is probably very beneficial, the massive gluttonous weekend I just had is probably a bit counter-productive.



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