Cetacean Citation

January 30, 2013

Jessie Burgess

Dolphins, sweet, beautiful, innocent, smart dolphins are rapists. You read that right.  Flipper, these dolphins are not.


Dolphins, one of the few other species that will have sex for other means than reproduction, will kidnap females in the mating season from rival groups and assert their dominance over them by mounting them. It’s not just females either they will do it males as well.

Now that your world is a darker place because of heinous dolphin crimes, let’s look at the whole of dolphin culture. According to researchers dolphins have a very inclusive lifestyle with a lot of promiscuous sex of both the heterosexual and homosexual persuasion. They also don’t have territory disputes and are the hippies of the ocean. Sounds like Douglas Adams was right and dolphins really are smarter than humans, you know, minus the rape…

But that’s not all dolphins of all kinds are known to support their injured or dead, and it’s been known for dolphins to raise their stillborn calves to the surface. Or take a look at this article, where Korean researchers witnessed a group of dolphins supporting and taking care of their injured companion.

Dolphins have good and bad qualities, like most things, so when you’re swimming in the ocean just remember that dolphins aren’t the magical creatures they make themselves out to be.



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