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September 6, 2012

Torah Kachur

Campuses across the country are filling with Ultimate Frisbee playing, unicycle riding free thinkers.  College is a place where you can find yourself, experiment with sexual partners, drugs and other undesirables and otherwise explore your mind and body limits.


But, remember, the ultimate goal is to get an education.  So - have an incredible semester, and hopefully you do better than this guy......


Chris Buzon on September 06, 2012
In my Art History class (1st year) I wrote "I am not even going to waste your time" on the final, then left. It was comical, and sad.

I'm better with science.
Torah Kachur on September 06, 2012
I always tell my students "if in doubt, be funny. Because you just never know".

If you make me laugh after 6 hours holed up in the marking dungeon, you may just get a bonus mark.
Ryan Shannon on September 07, 2012
I once wrote a short story on a Genetics 270 exam explaining that the reason all the rabbits in the cross ended up brown was because the whit rabbit kept getting lost in Wonderland, ran late, and didn't make it to dinner so his wife actually hooked up with the brown bunny-about-town sitting at the bar.

As I did quite well in the course, either I aced the rest of the exam or the grad student doing the marking thought I was witty.

Asdie: The recaptcha's for posting are getting more and more difficult to decipher. What is this, covert comprehension testing? None of you SiS types are psych majors...
Chris Buzon on September 07, 2012
I agree - I get the letters wrong more often than not now. They used to have a science theme (often), and now they are just nonsense.

For example, now it is tse(?)ctfo witness. The ? may or may not actually be there.

I'll find a cat to walk over the keyboard, that should work.

Rheanna Sand on September 07, 2012
Thanks for the feedback, guys! Personally, I think we should just get rid of it. We're not exactly getting spammed to death, here! :)



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