BBC Earth Video: Dolphins are Smarter Than You

July 31, 2010

Weekend Feature


Welcome to the first ever Science in Seconds Weekend Feature! This is where we get to experiment and try new things, sort of like a mad science media laboratory. A weekend feature could be an interview with a famous scientist, a long article about something cool, a photo journal from a recent adventure, or an awesome science video from another site. You'll have to tune in to find out.


This week we are bringing you some exclusive video from BBC Earth, the people behind the stunning Planet Earth and Life series. Here is our take on this amazing video:


Despite an ever-growing body of evidence to the contrary, we humans like to think of ourselves as the only problem-solving animals; the pinnacle of reason. But a surprising variety of creatures use their surroundings to accomplish everyday tasks: gorillas, magpies, elephants, and even octopuses have been seen using tools like sticks, rocks, or shells to tackle their to-do lists.


Those brainy mammals of the sea, dolphins, have now joined the club. This stunning clip from BBC Earth shows how a pod of Bottlenose dolphins use mud to outsmart their prey, a school of mullets.


With a name like that, how hard could it be?


For more exclusive video and high-definition photography, including clips from the Planet Earth and Life series, visit the BBC Earth website.



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