BBC Earth Video: Dancing for Dinner

August 18, 2010

Brit Trogen

In our second round of exclusive content from BBC Earth, we're pleased to present a pretty adorable video showing once again just how much we have in common with the animal world.


We've written on this topic many times before... Animals have the ability to teach one another, learn from humans, strategize, and communicate in ways we are only now beginning to understand. But as this stunning video shows (in the very cutest and most bumbling of ways), there's something else they do as well: dance! Check out this brown bear in his search for a dinner of salmon, and enjoy!



And if that bear doesn't do it for you, how about this one? The grizzly bear-polar bear hybrid that made the news this year for breaking the laws of nature, but not of love? It's not the first time the grolar bear (prizzly?) has broken into the bear scene; in 2006 DNA tests also confirmed its existence, and it has long been suspected before, though never confirmed genetically.


Of course, brown bears are more than just adorable. As bears that are drawn to human-created food sources such as dumpsters and campsites (and yes, grizzlies and kodiaks are both subspecies of the brown bear) they are at high risk of engaging in human-bear interactions.


And it's not quite as likely to go as smoothly as the Yogi bear "gimme-the-pik-a-nik-basket" type interaction. Any aggressive behavior means the animal will be targeted for termination. And since these bears are already a threatened species, conservation efforts are essential for their survival. Which means, no more dance moves...


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