A Reason to go to the Gym

March 20, 2012

Brit Trogen

Working out sucks.


There, I said it. Anyone who claims to enjoy sweating side-by-side with perfect strangers is, I believe, a unique class of crazy. But researchers at Indiana University have finally offered up a valid reason to hit the elliptical... for women at least. They call it the "coregasm." 


Nothing suspicious going on here...


Apparently the idea has been around for some time; the infamous Kinsey studies in 1953 noted that 5% of women reported having orgasms related to physical exercise. But this study may be the first time women have been directly asked about it, rather than offering the information voluntarily. According to this series of online surveys, 40% of research subjects have experienced the big O in the gym.


If you don't fall into that category (yet?), the researchers have some tips on what may contribute to a "more satisfying" workout. Exercises that engage the abdominal core are key, as well as multiple repetitions of the exercises and high exertion. They can't answer for certain why these pleasurable sensations occur, but they did break down which exercises were most commonly linked to it.


Abdominal exercises - 45%

Biking or spinning - 19%

Climbing poles or ropes (AKA the "climb-ax") - 9%

Weight lifting - 7%

Running - 7%


If that isn't reason enough to work up a sweat, I don't know what is. 



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