A Gift for Everyone

December 21, 2011

Torah Kachur

Everyone you know has a secret nerd in them dying to come out.  Science in Seconds has decided to make finding that perfect gift for the closet-geeks in your life a little bit easier.


Think Geek is pretty gob-smacking amazing - with light saber chopsticks for your family's traditional reenactment of Star Wars, to a plush Neisseria gonorrhea to break it to your special someone that you gave them a gift that maybe they didn't want.



If a geektastic T-shirt seems like the right gift - check out Snorg Tees with classics such as "I wish I was DNA helicase so I could unzip your jeans" or "Either you like bacon, or you're wrong". 



For the more traditional IQ-laden person on your list:


Dinosaur puzzles and build a solar system games can be found at the American Natural History Museum shop. 


The Science Museum in London is a mecca for nerdiness where you can buy your own microscope for some at home experimentation.


Celebrate the dork in all of us this holiday season.


Happy Holidays from Science in Seconds.




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