Rants: Pacific Garbage Patch

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June 10, 2010


On this, the 50th continuous day of oil flow into the Gulf of Mexico, it is clear our oceans need some serious love. Especially when you consider the vortex of plastic garbage, larger in area than most European countries, floating right now in the north Pacific.

So, now that we are experiencing the worst environmental disaster in US history, brokered by BP, Transocean, and Halliburton, will the world actually wake up and face this problem?

Perhaps. But perhaps not... We humans are notoriously bad for cleaning up our rooms, so to speak. There is one glimmer of hope, however, out of the conscientious minds of Hong Kong and San Francisco - Project Kaisei.

Science in Seconds takes a look at this plastic island and what Project Kaisei is doing about it.

Host: Rheanna Sand

Photo Credits: Wikimedia users Komencanto, Vi..Cult…, Lamiot, Port of San Diego, gentlemanrook, JennyHuang.



Sam on June 10, 2010
Where's the "Science"? I was expecting some Bill Nye type Mr. Wizard business, but all I got was "Opinion" at best and "Propaganda" at worst. How about this for a title, "Opinion in Hours" (the H is silent so it works) or "Propaganda in..." OK, I'm unaware of any measures of time that start with a P. I could could Google it, but why waste any more of my time?
Rheanna Sand June 10, 2010
@Sam: Well, we are all entitled to our opinions, yes?

We at Science in Seconds aim to get you thinking, not answer all your questions. If you want to be spoonfed, you're not going to find it here. We provide references for you to peruse at your convenience, and encourage discussion and debate by offering space for comments.

Are YOU making an effort to get the public interested in science topics that are relevant to the many problems we face today? If so, I would love to see or read what you are putting out there.
Not Bill on June 11, 2010

First: Bill Nye is not a scientist.

If you use Bill Nye as your main source of information, you probably look at science from a grade six perspective. And are of the mind that science is devoid of opinions. Perhaps you should investigate. Take a look at the links. They are informative.

and in saying this, even Bill (not an actual scientist) has his own opinions on:

Anna Banana on June 15, 2010
Oooo. I think Sam might be a psydonym for the pacific garbage patch.

Someone's touchy.

Why come on a site just to bitch that there's content? That's like going to a strip club and bemoaning boobs.

You big moaning boob.



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