Rants: Mosquitoes

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June 15, 2010


Dear Infinite Creator/Flying Spaghetti Monster/Mother Nature/God,

Please take the mosquito back.


All of humanity.

Host: Torah Kachur

Photo Credits:, US Federal Government,, CDC, Wikimedia Users: Mikael Häggström, Tjeerd Wiersma, Igors Jefimovs, PlaneMad, Bobak Ha'Eri, Dori



Tucker, Martin on June 15, 2010
Vay-jay-jay? Really? Can't we try to educate people please?

Half the adults I teach don't even know the difference between a vulva and a vagina... avoiding the use of the words only makes it worse!

Sorry, pet peeve.
Pat on June 15, 2010
Quite agree Torah, I got 35 bites playing golf last week.On my arms and legs they crawled inside my trousers up my knees. Had no problems with them for over 25 years. Must be a new breed?
C P on June 15, 2010
You rock Torah!!

I think the point about mosquitoes netting is really crucial to people in the 1st world to know. They don't get how something they can get at a shop for £2 can save lives.

(I don't mind va-jay-jay; it's cute and approachable.)
ayclis on June 16, 2010
Besides being good for general health, garlilc
tablets, work for me to help discourage mosquitos
from landing on me. I've heard people exclaim
many negativisms towards the little suckers including the scenario that if that person is in
a group and a mosquito is around, that person will be stung; must be a hell of a good sense of
smell on the bug.
TimB on July 13, 2010
This is science? You don't know the difference between a sting and a bite? Would you say "a hornet bit me?"
DarK B on July 13, 2010
Mosquito Larvae are actually a main staple of the tadpole, however, this is a species that can be erradicated with out too much effect on the food chain. However there is one pest that is not hunted, or eaten by any species and that is the Flea. I would rather have to live with 1,000 mosquitos then 1 Flea. Because I can always spray the air and knock them out of the sky, but fleas are fast and hard to get rid of.
Torah Kachur July 16, 2010
@ TimB - Although "sting" is definitely more scientifically accurate, a mosquito "bite" is the common language of almost all of our audience watching. In an effort to make science approachable, I let this inaccuracy slide. But yes, you are entirely correct and I hope you will forgive me :)

@ Dark B - I don't have too much experience with fleas because up in Canada - it's way too darn cold for fleas...and any sane being! Mosquitoes seem to manage to survive our arctic winters somehow though. Another benefit of living in Alberta - no rats or cockroaches!
Entomological geek on August 19, 2010
Actually, yes, they ARE a major food source for another arthropod predator: dragonflies. I'm pretty sure there are birds and other predators that eat dragonflies too.

Also, it's only the females that bite and are utterly useless.

Male mosquitoes consume nectar and therefore likely do lend a small part in the pollination of some plants.
on November 07, 2012
So how far has this research gone now? I know it's winter, but I for one had a battle going with the mosquitoes all summer.



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