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April 18, 2012


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The human genome project opened the doors to understanding the complexities of the human body - our superiority at the genetic level.  Until, of course, we found out that chimpanzees share a whopping 98% of our DNA.  Darn - humans aren't so special after all.

In the evolution of monkeys and man, small changes in DNA sequence accumulated over time.  These can be measured, studied and processed because we now have the genomes of many different primates.  We can study these sequence changes to determine just how evolution happened.  DNA holds the secret to where we came from...   So did we evolve from chimps or not?  

Host: Torah Kachur


WHat on May 13, 2010
98% chimp? Lie. Why is it we have a reptilian brain?
Torah Kachur May 13, 2010
All organisms share a certain degree of similarity....after all - we all come from the same place.

As for the reptilian brain? You just stole my blog topic for Monday. Check it out then...
chan on May 27, 2010
I didn't but my boyfriend did!
on August 16, 2011
"Ok, we have abstract thought, morality and language, but those are ONLY IMPORTANT because we've DECIDED that that were..."

We wouldn't be human without those things and there would be no human society / culture without them.

Who writes this stuff?

Torah Kachur August 17, 2011
We certainly could be considered a Homo sapiens without any semblance of any of the three things mentioned. Take George W. for instance.

What defines us as human is the larger question. Is language required to be human? If a human grows up in isolation without contact with any other humans - Mowgli for instance - is he not 'human'? Homo sapiens is a biological classification based on evolutionary history and it shows we are very similar to the other apes (who also have strict society, language and a demonstrated ability for abstract thought - we just ignore those things usually).
Jessie on November 08, 2012
See. This, exactly this.

My week is literally made. Not the video, I mean yes the video, but totally not the video.

Oh... evolution. It's awesome.

You're awesome Torah.



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