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August 25, 2011


Note: Adult content

An orgasm is pretty much the most awesome feeling on the planet - a toe-curling, jaw dropping, heaven of an experience.  But, one out of three females struggle to achieve this little nirvana.  Which may not be a surprise, because, after all, there isn't much point for a girl getting off. 

The male orgasm is necessary for fertilization and reproduction.  The female orgasm doesn't seem to have an obvious biological purpose.  But, evolution doesn't occur just for kicks, every evolutionary step has selective pressures acting on it.  And this is where researchers are stumped...what is the evolutionary purpose of the female orgasm?

Host: Torah Kachur


gimmeabreak on May 27, 2010
Here's a shout out to evolution... gimme a break. Ever think that GOD might have had something to do with it? Science fails to explain when God explains everything.
Ugimmeabreak on May 27, 2010
LOL you cant be serious with your god thing, you'r trolling right?
cjeam on May 27, 2010
Does my comment really have to go below the dumbass one? I mean, honestly.

Woop for orgasms! You go evolution!!
sureIllbite on May 27, 2010
No. I don't think god has anything to do with it. Science is the search for answers, not answering EVERYTHING with "god did it". god not capitalized on purpose. Why are you even on a science site anyways?
magnum on May 27, 2010
Well, do you know that boos can crash beer cans?


Now that's science.
orgasmin on May 27, 2010
Is that why all my ex-girlfriends call me saying they love me every time they are in need?.. huh....
searchforknowledge on July 05, 2010
so let me get this straight if you believe in science you can't believe in God i would say that's pretty narrow minded. Just because God created something doesn't mean can not figure out what makes it tick. We are creating many different things from the resources that we were given. Some of these things harm us and a lot of them help us I think that is science and with out it where would we be?
Notagod on August 09, 2010
With all the evidence against It, if you have a god you're not doing it right. If god would have wanted females to orgasm It would have said so in the bibel.

Forget the god(s), do the science, its the only way to find the answers.
JustaGirl on November 05, 2010
Its pretty simple if you think about it. Women have orgasms because it enourages them to have sex. It ensures future offspring. Its the principal of behaviorism. If you are rewarded for certain behaviors, you are more likely to do them. You do not have to be rewarded every time, but you will continue to have sex in persuit of the reward.
M Thomas Harding on February 01, 2011
I didn't realize that last question was still up in the air. Incentive seems like a pretty good explanation to me.

And gotta laugh at Mr./Mrs. God-of-the-gaps there. Science has not uncovered everything about the natural world, but it's a bad idea to attribute every remaining mystery to God. You'll end up with egg on your face every time we solve one.
Mort_Q on February 01, 2011
There doesn't "need" to be a reason for the female orgasm... it just doesn't need to be selected against.
Chris Buzon on February 01, 2011
*so not true* - LOL

Though I am all for asking "Why?" - the really important question is "Why NOT?" (especially for the 1/3 who have a tough time getting there).
mr winky on February 06, 2011
you mean a women has one also ? news to me .oh i think god is a E.T.
umm on December 12, 2011
Women and men both orgasm purely for the satisfaction of the sexual experience. If sex isn't pleasurable for both parties, why should we reproduce? If it is a pleasurable experience, we will go back for more. We get horny, we have sex, it feels good... then comes pregnancy and thus, offspring... more sex, more offspring!
Torah Kachur December 21, 2011
Mort_Q - Good point, the female orgasm could also just be an artifact of sharing similar neural networks to men. After all, the penis is anatomically just an enlarged clitoris.
Mac on December 24, 2011
There is no more evidence for evolution than for a supernatural creator. There is evidence against the evolutionary theories that have been developed and NO evidence against a supernatural creator. This does not mean that no one will ever come up with an evolutionary theory that at the least has no evidence against it.
Cosmic evolution requires that the entire universe ("everything") be self-existent or self-created from nothing, from the primordial speck of no dimensions: a geometric point. Everything that is has to be as it is because it is inherent in the God speck.
It takes less faith to believe in a preexistent God, a creator, than in any of the theories of evolution that have been developed so far.
Torah Kachur December 25, 2011
@Mac - not sure what that comment has to do with the Female Orgasm. Except most women at least appear to believe in god during an orgasm, as measured by the frequent "Oh God's".....

On a more serious note, the evidence for evolution is enough to fill books, libraries, large shopping malls..... so what exactly is your evidence against evolutionary theory?
Michael Patrick on January 20, 2012
The vaginal contractions do actual assist in moving the sperm along to its intended target, the eggs. The contractions are actually preformed in a wave like motion assisting with the progression of the sperm.
G spot: no evidence to support it. Period.

MP at redtaillight
Michael Patrick on January 20, 2012
So you are almost on target with your comments.
A little clarity
The bonded pairs are bonded with Oxytocin. Correct, But the release of this oxytocin is continually released throughout the entire sexual experience for the woman. For men, it is released at the time of his ejaculation. Hence, you are partially correct. Oxytocin is released during the entire experience including and during her orgasm.

The retention of the relationship for the bonding pair is for two to three years as it is related to the oxytocin.

However, the long-term bonded pair relationship is tied to vasopressin not oxytocin.

The oxytocin is believed to be needed to keep the man committed to the mate for the critical time of child development when the mom needs the assistance, typically the first 2 to 3 years of the new child's life. After that time the oxytocin levels drop off greatly in the man as it related to this particular mate.

MP at redtaillight
James on March 16, 2012
The point is that if it feels good girls will be more likely have sex and pass on their orgasm genes to a next generation. Or it is just that if you get the orgasm genes it may be not that you have selection pressure to keep these genes running. But rather that there is no selection pressure not to have it.
James on March 16, 2012
This discussion, and hence my latter answer, are the same as why do men have nipples?
Ken on April 29, 2012
So where's the video of the girl riding the geyser!
Simon on July 22, 2012
Mort_Q is spot on, its mistaken to think that all biological characteristics need to have some adaptionist reason for existing. Female orgasm is most likely what Steven J Gould called a spandrel, similar to male nipples or the bellybutton.
As for the fertility and pair bonding hypothesis a lot of research into this has shown that the ability to reach orgasm has no correlation with fertility rate and female boding doesnt seem to depend on it either since it is primarily exposure to seminal fluid that is reponsible for vasopressin, oxytocin and dopamine modulation associated with feeling of commitment. Somebody mentioned the theory that female orgasm aids sperm uptake, this is quite an old theory which has been well investigated and no evidence for its existence has been found.
This topic does seem to highlight some deep misunderstandings prevalent even amount scientists regarding the nature of evolution, we seeem to fixate on natural selection overlooking or ignoring completely evolutions most frequent occurance namely neutral evolution!
A more interesting question, and as far I Im aware still unsolved is female ejaculation. Nobody is actually sure what it is or what the source of the fluid is??? Might make a good video...



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