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Rant: Save the Panda

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February 4, 2016


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Note: Adult language

The World Wildlife Fund was created in 1961, and their first mission - find a logo.  The panda was an obvious choice - cute, cuddly, endangered and black and white (to save on printing costs).  Since then, that adorable monochromatic creature has become a friend to all endangered species on the planet - the Mother Theresa of Nature.  But, 49 years later, the Giant Panda is even more endangered from loss of habitat, continued poaching and well, their total lack of an evolutionary advantage.

Millions of dollars are spent every year on saving the panda, but some people like Chris Packham (boooo....) are suggesting that the panda should go extinct with grace, partly because pandas have no use to humans and partly because they don't really have any survival skills. We beg to differ.

Host: Torah Kachur

Photo credits:  A. Batdorf, E.H. Spina, Wikimedia, B.M. Pederson, A.D. Shakya, NASA, World Wildlife Federation, FanPop, Thundafunda


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