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Rave: Moms are Awesome

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December 4, 2014


Inheriting your mom’s eyes or dad’s toes is pretty much a genetic lottery that some people win, and others don’t.  But, blame your dad for all your flaws – except mitochondrial disease.  About 1/4000 children are born with these rare diseases and it’s all the mothers fault.  Because mitochondria can only be inherited from mom.  So, if she carries bad ones – you are doomed.

Except there may be a new cure.  Techniques devised by in vitro fertilization and people bent on cloning humans is actually doing some good.  This new technique – called three person IVF – may cure a whole set of diseases, and, in doing so, will give a child two biological mothers.

Two mommies! Wait – that means twice the lectures, twice the “when I was your age” and twice the demands to clean your room. But it also means twice the attention.

Host:  Torah Kachur

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